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[Strike the viol] Nahum Tate, Henry Purcell, Christina Pluhar



Le violoncelliste A.Modigliani


Come, ye sons of Art, away !
Come, ye sons of Art, away,
Tune all your voices and instruments play,
To celebrate this triumphant day.
Sound the trumpet, ‘til around
You make the list’ning shores resound.
On the sprightly hautboy play,
All the instruments of joy
That skilful numbers can employ,
To celebrate the glories of this day.
Strike the viol, touch the lute,
Wake the harp, inspire the flute.
Sing your patroness’s praise,
In cheerful and harmonious lays.
The day that such a blessing gave
No common festival should be.
What it justly seems to crave,
Grant, oh grant, and let it have
The honour of a jubilee.
Bid the virtues, bid the Graces,
To the sacred shrine repair,
Round the altar take their places,
Blessing with returns of pray’r
Their great defender’s care,
While Maria’s royal zeal
Best instructs you how to pray,
Hourly from her own
Conversing with the Eternal Throne.
These are the sacred charms that shields
Her daring hero in the field,
Thus she supports his righteous cause,
To his aid immortal pow’r she draws.
See Nature, rejoicing, has shown us the way,
With innocent revels to welcome the day.
The tuneful grove, and talking rill,
The laughing vale, replying hill,
With charming harmony unite,
The happy season to invite.
What the graces require,
And the Muses inspire,
Is at once our delight
And our duty to pay.

(Source : Document Cité de la musique avec l’autorisation d’Erato Disques)

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