Jack Kerouac par Babx





Pull my daisy
Auteur : Jack Kerouac
Compositeur, interprète : Babx


Pull my daisy
Tip my cup
Cut my thoughts for coconuts
Jack my Arden
Gate my shades
Silk my garden
Rose my days
Bone my shadow
Dove my dream
Milk my mind & Make me cream
Hop my heart on
Harp my height
Hip my angel
Hype my light
Heal the raindrop
Sow the eye
Woe the worm
Work the wise
Stop the hoax
Where’s the wake
What’s the box
How’s the Hicks
Rob my locker
Lick my rocks
Rack my lacks
Lark my looks
Whore my door
Beat my beer
Craze my hair
Bare my poor
Say my oops
Ope my shell
Roll my bones
Ring my bell
Pope my parts
Pop my pet
Poke my pap
Pit my plum




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